Zenith Source was founded to provide the best solutions for integrity and compliance.

We are a multidisciplinary group of professionals with extensive experience in compliance.

We combine law, management, software, data sciences and auditing backgrounds. We worked for governments, multinationals, international organizations, SMEs, NGOs and universities.

We strongly believe that integrity is a key element for human development. All we do at Zenith Source is with an aim to facilitate integrity. Integrity is our business.

We also believe in data and technology are major enablers of integrity. The dawn of a data society has opened possibilities that we are only starting to explore. We want to use them to foster integrity. We want to help you achieve it in a cost-efficient way.


We advise and provide solutions to achieve the highest standards of compliance in an efficient way. Our pledge is to provide only cost-effective solutions. We believe integrity should be affordable. We know from experience that compliance professionals have budgets to manage amid competing priorities.

We provide data analytics platforms and we design customized algorithms to detect risks in any organization. But we also provide practical advice that makes sense for your business. Very often simple process changes can yield great results. We will suggest solutions that solve your problems in the right scale.

We believe in metrics and management. We provide sophisticated software. But we believe if a software does not solve your problem it is only one more gadget.

solutions, systems and software


We provide data analytics platforms for permanent transaction screening. In practice, our platforms will pull data from your systems, run specially designed algorithms to detect probability of risks (such as corruption) and display the results in your screen in real time. They consolidate and screen all transactions for a number of selected risks so that you will be able to monitor them from the screen of your computer [see video].

These tools provide invaluable insight for your organization and automatizes the labor-intensive parts of the compliance work, which means compliance professionals can devote their time to the value-added tasks. This also means that compliance spend will be reduced in the long term.

We create apps for compliance: from workflow management to compliance chatbots and training in augmented reality we can design solutions that fit your organization’s needs.


We advise on any aspect of your compliance challenges in any part of the world, with a strong focus on effectiveness and the managerial dimension of the activity. We can also assist in implementing any suggested solutions in your organization on a project basis. Our expertise is not limited to a certain type of organization or industry. This means we can advise and help implementation on:

  • The organizational design and governance of your compliance program;
  • Risk assessment exercises;
  • Draft or revise compliance-related policies and subsequent implementation;
  • Create compliance metrics, scorecards, dashboards and performance targets for your organization.
  • Advise on management change.
  • Provide Boards of Directors with independent assessment of compliance programs, procedures and investigation.
  • Help proxy advisers in the assessment of compliance requirements.
  • Produce training materials and provide training sessions with a key focus on Boards of Directors and management.
  • Implementation of shared services centers for compliance (process mapping, design of metrics and key performance indicators and draft service level agreements).
  • Compliance advocacy.

Compliance monitorships: we are able to act as independent monitors both for anti-bribery and antitrust matters in cooperation with the relevant authorities.

If legal advice is required we will work with our extensive network of legal services to ensure that our clients receive the best legal advice with the adequate legal privilege attached to it (where applicable).


Our “Brain Trust” is the multi-disciplinary pool of world class talents that can help you with any compliance problem.

We are a group of like-minded professionals of compliance, data sciences, software engineering, law, accounting and behavioral sciences. We offer multi-disciplinary, high-level services in any part of the world. While most of the professionals keep independent practices, they combine forces at Zenith Source to work in cooperation under the same guiding principles and corporate culture.

Our ambition is also to provide though leadership around compliance. We will contribute with the relevant fora around the world to provide answers to the main open questions around compliance.

Martim Della Valle is a co-founder of Zenith Source. Until August 2018, Martim was the Global Head of Compliance, global head counsel of antitrust and litigation for AB-InBev, the world’s largest brewer. As such, Martim designed and implemented a global compliance program that became a case study at the Harvard Business School and received several recognitions including the Financial Times’ most innovative lawyers award. Previous to that Martim has held in-house positions and practiced law in major law firms. Martim holds a PhD. in international law and has published two books on international arbitration. Martim lectures at the International Anti-Corruption Academy in Vienna and is a board member of Transparency International Belgium. Martim was a part-time farmer from 2004 to 2011.
Hui Chen is an international leader in organizational ethics and compliance, and works with companies and governments around the world. She has served as a federal prosecutor and expert adviser in the United States Department of Justice, and authored the Fraud Section’s well known “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs" which has been widely praised by compliance practitioners and recognized by global regulators and standard setters. She had served as a senior legal and compliance leader in Microsoft Corporation, Pfizer Inc., and Standard Chartered Bank, in locations around the world, including Munich, Beijing, New York, London, and Washington DC. She is a regular columnist for Bloomberg Law, maintains a popular blog, and has published and been interviewed frequently, including in the Harvard Business Review and Wall Street Journal.
Sergio Wechsler is the founder and CEO of NumbersCare Data Science. He has been Professor at the Statistics Department of USP – University of São Paulo for almost 40 years. Sergio is also founder and was the first president of ISBrA, the Brazilian Chapter of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis and holds the Honorary Membership of ABJ, the Brazilian Jurimetrics Association. He holds an MA degree in Applied Mathematics from IMPA and a PhD in Statistics from UC Berkeley.
Rodrigo Candido Faria is partner and Head of Analytics at NumbersCare Data Science and also founder and CEO of Assíntota Artificial Intelligence. In the business world, Rodrigo worked as a consultant at Deloitte, Nielsen, and Accenture, having participated in dozens of strategy and data science projects for several companies. Academically Rodrigo was a fellow at the University of Verona, worked as a research assistant for Columbia University and for the London School of Economics, and in addition is a lecturer of Statistics at the University of São Paulo. Rodrigo holds a master's degree in Statistics and a bachelor's degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics, both from the University of São Paulo.
Maarten Westermann is an international business lawyer and compliance professional, who believes that compliance and integrity go hand in hand with business performance and results. Furthermore, a focus on integrity helps to create a healthy, open and engaging culture in your organization. Culture can be measured and Maarten is an enthusiast of using metrics for compliance and developing meaningful KPIs. Also, Maarten is fascinated by presenting key information well; he helps executives and subject matter experts to build and deliver crisp, compelling and memorable messages. Maarten’s experience includes over 25 years of international practice, both in-house and as external adviser. As the Managing Director of TruWest Consultancy, Maarten advises or works as interim compliance director at international companies (Nomad Foods, Unilever, TMF Group, Pon Holding) in need of practical or strategic compliance and integrity services. Previously, Maarten was the Chief Risk & Compliance Officer of telecom KPN, recognized in 2016 by Transparency International as #1 of Dutch listed companies in anti-corruption and transparency. Before KPN, Maarten was senior executive adviser in the Legal, Compliance & Ethics, Risk and Tax practices of research and consulting firm CEB (now Gartner). Maarten started his career as a corporate lawyer working at two US law firms and a Dutch financial and tax services firm. In addition to a law degree from the University of Groningen, Maarten holds an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.
Mona Caroline Chammas is an international attorney, founder of GOVERN&LAW, advising businesses and governments worldwide. Mona is a pioneer of Compliance by Design for responsible innovation and sustainable growth. An expert in competition-antitrust, anti-corruption, data protection and international cooperation, she designs both tailored advice and wider strategies around risk, trust, growth and ethics. Mona is a Board Member of the Altius Society at Oxford, a certified D.P.O., and awarded ‘30 Competition Women in their 30s'. She is the co-founder of the Sorbonne Compliance program and a regular guest speaker around the world on innovation and regulation. Mona is a member of the bar in Brussels and New York. She dedicated her earlier career to the private and public sectors across continents as Legal Expert to the O.E.C.D. and its governments, Legal&Integrity Director of Unilever Europe, and attorney at international law firms Cleary Gottlieb and Wachtell Lipton.
Roberto is a consultant and attorney with substantial experience in the energy industry. He was one of the first professionals in Brazil to implement a compliance program for subsidiaries of the AES Corporation in 2004-2005 as their regional compliance officer. Roberto was also deeply involved in Transocean Inc.`s global compliance program and efforts from 2005 to 2009, as associate general counsel. The AES Corporation and Transocean Inc. are two major global companies in different segments of the energy industry. Roberto has also been actively involved in managing, conducting and supporting audits and internal investigations in Brazil and other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. His prior roles also include working as an associate at a major U.S. and a few Brazilian law firms where he advised a variety of clients operating in complex environments by addressing risks associated with operations, privatization, tenders and contracts, among others. Roberto is a lecturer on anticorruption sanctions in Brazil (IBMEC) and has authored compliance-related papers. He also speaks frequently at compliance-related seminars.
Natasha is a full stack software developer and a lawyer. She is passionate about using technology to build user-friendly applications. She has a multidisciplinary background combining law, business management, software and academia. She is also an entrepreneur who has founded a few tech start-ups. She has extensive practical experience in business management, software development, compliance, risk management, and contract negotiation.
Pedro Mariani is a co-founder of ZS. He is the former Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer of AmBev S.A., one of the largest Latin American companies by market capitalization. He joined AmBev in 2004 and was responsible for the legal and regulatory agendas of the company, including corporate governance, compliance, M&A and litigation. Between 2014 and 2018 he also managed AmBev’s corporate affairs, including corporate social responsibility matters, crisis management and media and government relations. AmBev is 61.9% owned by AB InBev SA/NV, the world’s largest brewer. Prior to joining AmBev, Pedro was, among other positions, the Chief Legal Officer of iron ore producer and exporter Vale S.A. (1997-2001), as well as an associate at Clifford Chance in New York (1993-1996). Pedro holds a law degree from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and an LL.M. from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Pedro Ribeiro is a co-founder of Zenith Source, an entrepreneur and an IT executive. He started his career in Bull Group in technical support and software development areas, reaching managerial and direction positions in the banking IT solutions and commercial automation divisions, which gave him a strong business focus and broad view of general management of the IT Industry. In 2000, he left Bull to start his career as an entrepreneur. He founded companies such as Image Solutions (a software factory), GSR7 (a repair center and logistic operator), Novtis (IT Remote Managing Software), Primius (Help Desk) among others. He was also a partner of Bematech, a Latin American Comercial Automation leader and has participated in its IPO in Bovespa. Currently Pedro Ribeiro is the CEO and a partner of TEF-TI Armazem, a Logistic Operator and Repair Center in Brazil.
Pam Davis is an attorney and an international compliance consultant. She was a partner at the global law firm of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe from 2005 to 2018. Previous to that she worked in private practice and in the public sector. She has been appointed three times as an Independent FCPA Compliance Monitor or Compliance Consultant for companies subject to deferred prosecution agreements with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), bringing unique insights and first-hand knowledge of what the SEC and DOJ look for in an effective ethics & compliance program. She has designed and implemented highly successful compliance training and investigative technique programs for large multinationals in addition to her extensive experience in international investigations. She speaks regularly at FCPA Conferences and Compliance Forums and has received numerous honors, including her recognition by Legal 500’s as a Leading Lawyer in Corporate Investigations and White-Collar Criminal Defense, a Lifetime Achievement Award from Who’s Who Legal and one of the top 100 Women in Investigations globally by GIR. She is currently a co-director of Hui Chen Ethics.
Juan Ferrés is an economist and a consultant. Juan founded Ferres Economia, Teros – a data analytics company specialized in pricing and behavioral analytics for firm strategies and the Competition Eye Initiative, a big data and analytics platform for antitrust. With almost twenty years of experience with antitrust and regulation matters, Juan has been involved in several large M&A and investigations cases. Juan also supports compliance programs with independent assessment of practices. Working with an experienced team, Juan combines a strong expertise in economic and behavioral big data and analytics tools with regulation, antitrust and quantitative methods to offer a complete set of support in economic intelligence for companies and law firms. He was Chief Economist of the Brazilian Secretary of Economic Law in 2006-2007 (since 2012 incorporated to the CADE structure).


Our team has received substantial recognition either on current or previous positions.